September 2015 APWA Newsletter


Chuck Barlett, PE
Alfred Benesch & Company
Back in my days at K-State I was thrilled when I scored an 89% on
some of my exams. I’m sure you would agree that our homes
would be more peaceful if our kids listened 89% of the time.
Today, I’m proud to say that this year our chapter has scored an
89% membership retention rate. With the national average at 87%
for other chapters, the Kansas Chapter continues to shine as a
robust one. Certainly, we have challenges to overcome – most
notably a large state with a distinct rural and urban demarcation.
However, we continue to do well and have overcome many
obstacles as a chapter. The encouraging thing is we see new
members coming on board all the time. I extend a heartfelt thank
you to those of you that have maintained your membership
throughout the years. I also extend a hearty welcome to those of
you that are new to the chapter. As with most things in life, there is
room for improvement.

September 2015 APWA Newsletter.pdf September 2015 APWA Newsletter.pdf

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