A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT Brian Clennan As this note is being written, Thanksgiving is in a couple of days…so I took a few moments to reflect on the many blessings in my life. I count my association with APWA as one of my top professional blessings. APWA has provided the opportunity to network and develop friendships with fellow public works professionals all over the state of Kansas. I have found advice through roundtable discussions, at our conference, at our board meetings, and by picking up the phone and calling a new found friend     Read more..
A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT Brian Clennan This year is the Kansas Chapter’s 50th Anniversary. Help us celebrate by attending our Spring Conference in Lawrence on May 1st through the 3rd. Our Conference Planning Committee, led by Jeff Lackey have put together a great program ranging from a Magician teaching the “tricks” to great leadership to our National APWA President updating us on National issues impacting Public Works. Also, rumor has it, a toiletry bag may be the give-away to registrants…if that doesn’t entice you to join us in May, I don’t know what will.     Read more..
A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT Ray Ibarra As the cold winter months start to come to a close and spring is not far behind we want to thank all the Public Works employees who spent endless hours fighting the cold and winter snow storms. Their ability to keep the streets and highways clear for public safety is a thankless task and we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Please say thank you for a job well done. I want to thank Past President, Brian Clennan for his leadership in 2013 and to welcome two new members to the Executive Committee:     Read more..
A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT Ray Ibarra June starts the beginning of summer my favorite time of the year, when you can spend hours outside doing your favorite activity while taking that much needed vacation to recharge your system. But with that time of the year, Public Works begins its many construction activities to repair the damage created by winter storms and the spring rains. As our Public Works crews are making those repairs in the roadway. we hope the general public understands and obeys the work zone signage that protects our employees from harm’s way. As our Public Works employees spend endless dedicate hours in the hot weather to make the necessary repairs to our roadways, we need to thank them for a job well done.     Read more..
The Chapter’s APWA Fall Conference will be held October 14th in Wichita. Incoming President Chuck Bartlett has put together a great program and there will be plenty of opportunity to network with your peers. I hope to see you there. During the week of August 17-20, I had the opportunity to attend the International Public Works Congress & Exposition in Toronto, Canada. The week was filled with very informative education sessions to learn what technology and trends are being used by the different entities throughout the country, keynote speakers that inspired you such as Chris Hadfield, former Commander of the International Space Station and Ian Hill, Public Sector Advocate, Leadership Development Innovator who had strong messages on preparation and letting the public know what we do in Public Works, Ian Hill’s presentation can be seen on website. And the last item is the Chapter received two national awards.     Read more..
A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT Chuck Barlett, PE Alfred Benesch & Company Spring is in the air. But as we transition to warmer weather I want to recognize those men and women in Publics Works that have worked hard through the winter. Regardless of the weather, these dedicated folks have worked day and night fighting ice and snow, repairing broken waterlines, and performing other tasks that make life safer for our communities. In addition, our Public Works Departments are again being asked to do more with less. Reduced state and local budgets challenge us all. Our directors, managers and supervisors continue to step up and meet those challenges. Clearly, those that serve in the field of Public Works work hard for the benefit of our communities. Thank you to all of you for your dedication.     Read more..


Chuck Barlett, PE
Alfred Benesch & Company
As I write this, our legislature is debating a tax program and budget
for the next fiscal year. As we are all painfully aware, this impacts
how we serve our communities in a number of ways. Funding for
our work comes through grants and other sources linked to our
state government. Permits for various types of improvements are
also processed through these agencies. The decisions made in
Topeka affect us both in time and dollars used in caring for our

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Chuck Barlett, PE
Alfred Benesch & Company
Back in my days at K-State I was thrilled when I scored an 89% on
some of my exams. I’m sure you would agree that our homes
would be more peaceful if our kids listened 89% of the time.
Today, I’m proud to say that this year our chapter has scored an
89% membership retention rate. With the national average at 87%
for other chapters, the Kansas Chapter continues to shine as a
robust one. Certainly, we have challenges to overcome – most
notably a large state with a distinct rural and urban demarcation.
However, we continue to do well and have overcome many
obstacles as a chapter. The encouraging thing is we see new
members coming on board all the time. I extend a heartfelt thank
you to those of you that have maintained your membership
throughout the years. I also extend a hearty welcome to those of
you that are new to the chapter. As with most things in life, there is
room for improvement.

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Presidents Note

Sun is shining the weather is sweet.
Make you want to move your dancing feet.
Every spring, as the daylight grows longer and the grass turns greener, it
reminds me of the late great Bob Marley singing this tune. Springtime in
Kansas is such a great time - as public works staff gear down from winter
operations and gear up for construction – we also get time to enjoy our favorite
outdoor activities and indulge in some March Madness basketball.

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Jason Hughey, Sue Austin, and Brad Meyer of City of El Dorado Public Works were all smiles at their Kansas Roads Scholar recognition at a city staff meeting on November 5, 2015. The recognition was planned as a surprise. Hughey and Meyer both received their Level III certificates earned this past Spring and Austin received her Level I certificate earned last Fall. Ron Seitz, bureau chief of Kansas DOT Local Projects, represented the APWA Kansas Chapter board of directors at the event, and Lisa Harris also attended, from Kansas LTAP, a Kansas Roads Scholar Program partner ...

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PRESIDENTS NOTE - I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and finds time to relax with a summer
vacation. A huge thank you to the members of the Spring Conference Committee and the City of Newton for scheduling and hosting an exceptional conference. Thanks to the Golf and Scholarship Auction Committees & those that donated and bid on the items - the golf tournament raised about $1000 and auction $11,000! - continuing to grow the fund supporting scholarships at KU & K-State. Congratulations to all the Project of the Year Award winners and congratulations to Larry Mangan, who received the 2016 George Williams Award, recognizing his dedication and service to public works throughout his career.     Read more..
PRESIDENTS NOTE - Greetings Kansas Chapter! It was great to see many chapter members that made it to the Public Works Expo (PWX) in Minneapolis and celebrated together at the chapter dinner. The annual conference is such an amazing experience to see and hear about the innovation going on in public works while also experiencing the local culture. Reminiscing of highlights from my last day at the conference, I started with attending the workshop bicycle tour of Minneapolis bike facilities that included pedaling around to learn how the city builds, maintains and retrofits streets to create their bike network from cycle tracks, to bike boulevards, to buffered bike lanes. The bike tour was a nice way to see the city, learn about the challenges of doing a “road diet” in downtown and hear their claims that people really do winter bicycling in Minneapolis?! Also heard the closing keynote speaker, Charles Marohn, speak about “Strong Towns” and ways to rethink planning and development in consideration of the public costs of building and maintaining infrastructure. He provided interesting examples of redevelopment using cost/benefit ratios to create context sensitive streetscapes while also growing the local economy.     Read more..

PRESIDENTS NOTE As the year is coming to close, so is my time as serving as President of the Kansas Chapter. It’s been a wonderful experience to serve in this role and I truly appreciate the opportunity. At every meeting, conference or roundtable I learned something new in the vast spectrum of the Public Works profession. Recent things that come to mind are how cities are using compressed natural gas in fleet operations, alternatives of roadway subgrade treatment, and policies to control the proliferation of telecommunication companies in the right-of-way. Innovations in building and maintaining infrastructures are always evolving and I appreciate the knowledge I’ve gained through APWA to keep up with these changes...

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PRESIDENT’S NOTE: I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and you are fi nding some time to take a vacation with your family before school starts back up again. I know it can be hard to fi nd time to get away with summer being in the heart of the construction season    Read more..
PRESIDENT'S NOTE: It is finally fall, which means the weather will start to cool, the leaves will begin to fall, and there is football on every weekend. Well hopefully the weather will cool off sometime soon as I think we have had almost as many 90+ degree days as we had in the middle of summer. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the last few days of summer with a vacation or at least some time away from the office    Read more..
PRESIDENT'S NOTE: It’s winter time, which means the weather is getting colder, 2017 is coming to an end and so is my time as APWA Kansas Chapter President. I have really enjoyed my time as the Chapter President and want to send an extra thank you to executive board for all their help throughout the year. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and get to enjoy some time off this holiday season.    Read more..
PRESIDENT'S NOTE: I hope that everyone is having a great summer, and that you find a little time to relax with a vacation during this busy construction season. I also hope that everybody is being safe out there and taking the necessary precautions to deal with the high temperatures and sun.    Read more..
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